Innovative Offset Buckle and Non-slip panels on inside

Innovative Design

The BackWonder, designed by our physical therapist founder, provides extraordinary support and comfort for those suffering from low back pain related to Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

The BackWonder incorporates innovative features including extra support and security provided by:

  • Neoprene foundation strap plus double-side-pull elastic cinch straps
  • Innovative offset buckle which helps you get a 'snugger' fit
  • Heavy-duty elastic "cinch straps" provide additional support

Extraordinary Comfort

You'll feel the difference right away as the BackWonder:

  • Reduces strain and relieves discomfort
  • Wide, soft neoprene foundation strap includes moisture absorbent lining
  • "Non-slip" panels hold the support in place while allowing you to move around without restriction

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Measure around hips

26" - 34"
34" - 40"
40" - 46"
46" - 52"